Thursday, April 19, 2012

Android - Software/Games Links


Due to change of my smartphone I've decide to collect all the Apps/Games for an Android in the Net and put in this post *for my referring link to re/download.

This is not my links

*This thread just for my own use (if you download it, use on Your Own Risk)

Dont ask for me to repair the link if the links are broken.

I have already test the links I put here on my Xperia Arc S (root/stock ROM) and Xperia Neo V (root/stock ROM) so dont ask for in/compatible with another device. I Dont know and I dont want to Know.


Music Volume EQ 1.6


Air Attack HD (armv6)
Angry Birds Season
Angry Bird Space premium (No Add)
Zenonia 4 (best for android with colourful graphic)

Note: * I will always update this thread with the links I found.the best result is to use Google to find what You want. :)

Play various device in Your Android using emulator..You can get several emulator and ROM like

Atari 800 (Droid800)
Atari 2600 (Ataroid)
Capcom Play System 1 (TigerArcade)
Capcom Play System 2 (TigerArcade)
Commodore 64 (C64)
Gameboy Advance (GameBoid)
Gameboy Color (GBCoid)
Nintendo (NESoid, NESemu)
Nintendo 64 (N64oid)
NeoGeo (TigerArcade)
Playstation (FPse, PSX4Droid)
Sega Genesis (Gensoid)
Sega Game Gear (Gearoid)
Super Nintendo (SNESoid, Snes9x)
Turbo Grafx-16 (T16)
ZX Spectrum (ZX Spectrum)

at just make sure You put .bios at the correct place in your sd card.

I like to play GBA when I was a kid so there are several games I still remember and want to play it again.Yeeeaaaaaahhh!!!!




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