Sunday, July 4, 2010

Picture Control Setting For Nikon D90 /D300 / D3

Did some research from internet and found out some nice setting for our picture control which might increase the quality of images.
Standard (saturation +1, sharpness +2, contrast +1)
- general use
Portrait (saturation +1, sharpness +2, contrast +1)
- love the flesh tones
Vivid (Sharpness +2, contrast +1)
- great for flora

2) This one i copied from one of the web
For Things

I set the sharpening to 5.

For photos of things, I usually start at VIVID and crank the saturation all the way up to +3. This gives me the psychedelic look I love.

For Accurate Product Colors in the Studio


I prefer sharpenng set to 5.

I honestly have no idea if Nikon's ADR can work with studio strobes, so I turn it off and set contrast down to -1.

For People

For photos of people, I use NEUTRAL and set the saturation to +1. I prefer sharpenng set to 5.

STANDARD is less wild then VIVID, and NEUTRAL has even lower contrast.

You may prefer STANDARD and +1 or +2 Saturation.

The example below is the different between (Normal Vivid + Sharpening = 7) and "For Thing" Setting which shown above.

(Normal Vivid + Sharpening = 7) (* i think its quite similar to standard setting)

sharpening= 5; VIVID with saturation +3 (For Thing setting)

i copy this article from this blog..




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